Hazards Avoid injury by avoiding heavy lifting.
Hazards Incorrect Forklift Usage. Always drive forklifts when lowered.
Hazards Avoid vertical ladders when ever possible.
Hazards Be Aware of Hazards. Keep your work areas clear and safe.
Hazards All moving parts must be guarded.
Hazards If you see a trip hazard - report it!
Hazards Stand clear of forklifts and other moving plant.
Hazards Don't Wear Thongs or Sandals. Always wear appropriate footwear.
Hazards Don't Use Knives When Not Wearing Protective Gloves. Always wear protective gloves on your non-knife hand.
Hazards Drugs & Alcohol. Zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol (including prescription drugs) as they can adversely affect you ability to work.
Hazards Muscular Skeletal Disorders. Use proper manual handling techniques to avoid problems.
Hazards Chemical Handling Guidelines.
Hazards Treat chemicals with respect.